Friday, May 31, 2013

Metallica's Orion Festival Week Away

Metallica's Orion Festival Week Away Metallica's second Orion Music + More  festival is only a week away. Last time it held in NY/NJ area, and it was a huge success. This time around however, Metallica has taken a chance and hosting in a city that only partially exist - Detroit! I thought people in Detroit were only into turntables :-)

Orion is taking place on June 8 & 9. I think this one's going to be better than last one simply because Red Hot Chilli Peppers is highlighting the first night, and Metallica on second, unlike last year when Metallica was the only headlining band on both nights. I believe they should extend the festival to at least three days to include all the excitement from two successful mainstream bands.

Further information can be found on

If you are planning on attending the concert, have a safe ride, and hopefully you'll make out of the dead city in one piece.

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