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Song Meaning: Give In To Me by Michael Jackson

7th single from MJ's Dangerous
Micheal Jackson is known as the King of Pop, but his actual title is King of Pop, Rock and Soul. Such title is attributed to him due to the fact that he's capable of mastering any genre of music. "Give In To Me" showcases the King of Pop's hard rock arsenal as he brings out some heavy artillery in making the song, namely Slash. The song shows a significant contrast from the rest of the songs on Dangerous album as highlighted by the distorted guitar. Slash's Les Paul is as distorted as it gets for a hard rock.

King of Pop is not a newbie for rock music. He has worked with some well-respected rock n' roll guitarists. There was Steve Stevens featured on "Dirty Diana" - which MJ claims as heavy metal, but I believe it's a hard rock. Eddie Van Halen's collaboration is the one that's well known due to the success of the duo's single, Beat It. The solo featured in the song is critically acclaimed as one the best! Both Dirty Diana and Beat It topped billboard charts.

The collaboration between Slash and Micheal Jackson took hold as a result of Slash's excellent guitar riffs and solos featured on GNR's Appetite for Destruction album. The single, however, failed to live up the success of the previous two ( Beat It, Dirty Diana), mainly because it wasn't resealed a single in the US. As to why it wasn't released is a good question to ask. My explanation is that at the time MJ was under heavy scrutiny over child-molastation charges. In fact, he had to cancel the Danger World Tour as a result of the mounting negative press-coverage in the US. The explicitly suggestive sexual message in "Give In To Me" wouldn't have helped the situation. Nevertheless, needless to say, the song successful else where around the world.

P.s. this is my favorite Michael Jackson song. You've got Micheal and Slash in one song - it's the best of both worlds!

  1. She Always Takes It With A Heart Of Stone
  2. 'Cause All She Does Is Throw It Back To Me
  3. I've Spent A Lifetime
  4. Looking For Someone
  5. Don't Try To Understand Me
  6. Just Simply Do The
  7. Things I Say

  8. Love Is A Feeling
  9. Give It When I Want It
  10. 'Cause I'm On Fire
  11. Quench My Desire
  12. Give It When I Want It
  13. Talk To Me Woman
  14. Give In To Me
  15. Give In To Me

  16. You Always Knew Just How To Make Me Cry
  17. And Never Did I Ask You Questions Why
  18. It Seems You Get Your Kicks From Hurting Me
  19. Don't Try To Understand Me
  20. Because Your Words Just Aren't Enough

  21. Love Is A Feeling
  22. Quench My Desire
  23. Give It When I Want It
  24. Takin' Me Higher
  25. Love Is A Woman
  26. I Don't Wanna Hear It
  27. Give In To Me
  28. Give In To Me

  29. You And Your Friends
  30. Were Laughing At Me In Town
  31. But It's Okay
  32. And It's Okay
  33. You Wont Be Laughing Girl
  34. When I'm Not Around
  35. I'll Be Okay
  36. And I'll, I'll Not Find
  37. Gotta, The Peace Of Mind No

  38. Don't Try To Tell Me
  39. Because Your Words
  40. Just Aren't Enough

  41. Love Is A Feeling
  42. Quench My Desire
  43. Give It When I Want It
  44. Takin' Me Higher
  45. Talk To Me Woman
  46. Love Is A Feeling
  47. Give In To Me
  48. Give In To Me
  49. Give In To Me

  50. Love Is A Feeling
  51. I Don't Wanna Hear It
  52. Quench My Desire
  53. Takin' Me Higher
  54. Tell It To The Preacher
  55. Satisfy The Feeling
  56. Give In To Me
  57. Give In To Me

  58. I Don't Wanna
  59. I Don't Wanna
  60. I Don't Wanna
  61. Hear It
  62. Give It To The Fire
  63. Talk To Me Woman
  64. Quench My Desire
  65. I Don't Like A Lady
  66. Talk To Me Baby
  67. Give In To Me

  68. Give In To The Fire
  69. Give In To Me
  70. Give In To Me
  71. Give In To Me

  72. Love Is A Woman
  73. Give In To Me
  74. Give In To Me
  75. Give In To Me
  76. Give In To Me

  77. 'Cause I'm On Fire
  78. Talk To Me Woman
  79. Quench My Desire
  80. Give It To The Feeling

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  1. Love this Song & Love your views of it! :) Michael is Amazing.... The Power in the Music & Lyrics is Unmatchable!


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