Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chardy Sends Federer Home Early

Jeemy Chardy of France sends Federer home early to be with his newborn twin boys!
Jeremy Chardy of France sends Federer home early to be with his newborn twin boys!
We knew there'd an early upset at Rome Masters, as it's usually the case with tough clay court tournaments, and I had Andy Murray as my first victim. But Andy did well today to see-off Geralodos. However Roger Federer wasn't so lucky against Jemery Chardy of France. Fed has a match point, but the Frenchman showcased he wasn't just about power hitting, by making a jaw-dropping passing shot to stay in the tournament. Afterwards it was all over in a blink.

Thing that stood out for me in the third set was the fact that Federer couldn't do much with Chary's serve, especially his second serve. Fed didn't manage to feed-off of that like Nadal and Djokovic usually do against their opponents. On the contrary, Chardy managed to at least out Fed's serve back in play - making Fed play-out the point rather than just handing it to him.

In Federer's defence, with all fairness, he was retuning after the birth of his second set of twins, so tennis wasn't the thing that was on his mind. And right away, he was playing a decent player. But what's interesting is, how much this match has taken away from the momentum he built from Monte Carlo Masters heading into the French Open.

Final score: Chardy def. Federer 1-6, 6-3, 7-6 

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