Tuesday, May 27, 2014

French Open 2014: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic into Second Round; Wawrinka Out

Djokovic was making a new friend as he waits for match to resume during the rain delay
French Open is under way, and everything is going smoothly for the top players except for the Austrlain Open Champion Stan Wawrinka. He was defeated in the first round by the Spaniard Guillermo García-López. I knew this would be a tough first round match for anyone, considering the recently form of the Spaniard. Stan in fact had the toughest first-round opponent compared to Federer, Djokovic and Nadal, but that's not an excuse for a poor performance as he's the third best in the world.

Many thought Stan would be eliminated early, but just as many thought he'd also have a considerable chance of defeating Nadal. It's clearly indicative of the inconsistent form he's shown since become a grand slam champion. So what's next for Stan? Can he really be considered a top player? Not now. He needs to be much more consistent, at least match the thereof Djokovic and Nadal, to a favourite for future grand slams. Had not lost the first round, it's likely the case he'd lose in the second or third round, like he did in Madrid and Rome.

Elimination of Stan also means that there'd no Murray vs. Wawrinka quarter-final at the French Open. This was one the matches I was looking forward following the draw. Whoever wins this likely goes on to challenge Nadal.

Nishikori was also eliminated in the first round. Let's cut him some slack as he probably wasn't fully recovered from his back injury. This also means that there wouldn't be a Djokovic vs. Nishikori quarter-final as well. So Djoker is likely to face Federer in the semi-final, as Fed has the easiest path to the second week of the French Open.

Elimination of Wawrinka hasn't really made Nadal's draw any easier as his rivals who defeated him in this year's clay court season, namely Almagro and Ferrer, are still in contention. Given he defeats these, his likely semi-final opponent will be Murray.

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