Friday, September 20, 2013

To Metallica Family: Watch Rock In Rio NOW

Metallica has taken stage in Rock in Rio 2013. Lars has seems to be growing his hair again. He looks like that old guy from GTA 5. James is back with his graceback hair, which don't like.

Nevertheless, Youtube is streaming Metallica live, for free-

"Holier Than Thou" was third on the setlist, followed by "Hit the Lights" and "Master of Puppets."

Kirk Hammet does an awesome Stars Wars solo.

Playing right now: "The Day that Never Comes" from their Death Magnetic album, the crowd is really hot tonight.

lars ulrich's hair at rock in rio 2013. metallica
Lars' hair

metallica family at rock in rio 2013
Awesome crowd
"Ride the lightening" and "Fade to Black" are left out of the setlist. I don't know why. These are two of my all time favorites.
James is so cool.
James: "I saw the band Ghost. Did you guys like them"
Crowd: "noooooooooooo"
James: "You guys were scared. Don't worry, it's just a mask." 

Kirk Hammet's White Zombie guitar. Metallica at rock in rio 2013
Kirk Hammet's White Zombie guitar
Rock in rio update: one and only Metallica singing "One." [plagiarism will not be tolerated]

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