Sunday, December 22, 2013

What We Learned From Metallica Letting Fans Pick Their Setlist

Stuff we have learned from Metallica Letting Fans pick Their Setlist - 2014 Eupose and South American Tour
Last Espcae From the Stuio world tour was in 2006. It'll be eight years in 2014!
Metallica is about to embark on another episode of their "Escape from the Studio" tours in the summer of 2014. Last time they did similar was while they producing their eighth studio album, Death Magnetic. Similar to that, this time too they will be play a "New Song" off of their next album. On the other hand, next year's tour is going be very special for Metallica fans who's going to the concerts( MetCulb members) - they get to choose the setlist!!!!!!

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