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What We Learned From Metallica Letting Fans Pick Their Setlist

Stuff we have learned from Metallica Letting Fans pick Their Setlist - 2014 Eupose and South American Tour
Last Espcae From the Stuio world tour was in 2006. It'll be eight years in 2014!
Metallica is about to embark on another episode of their "Escape from the Studio" tours in the summer of 2014. Last time they did similar was while they producing their eighth studio album, Death Magnetic. Similar to that, this time too they will be play a "New Song" off of their next album. On the other hand, next year's tour is going be very special for Metallica fans who's going to the concerts( MetCulb members) - they get to choose the setlist!!!!!!

If you want to know more about the process of this news twist, read more at

Another awesome thing Metallica has done is that they've already published preliminary results on I head over to that website to go though what Metallica fans really want to see their favorite band perform live, and I found some interesting stuff:

1) Obey your master, MASTERRRRRRRRRRRR
"Master of Puppets" is the overwhelming favorite of Metallica fans. It topped 20 out of 21 polls published on Metallica By Request.

2) Creeping Death over Hit the Lights
Recently, around the start of the Big 4 tour, Metallica started playing "Hit the Lights" rather than their usual "Creeping Death." However the polls indicate that "Creeping Death" is the preferred opener, as it always topped the other, in some cases by a wide margin.

3) Metallica didn't sellout with Fade to Black
Release of the slow-moving power ballad in 1984 marked the inception of "sellout" label. It never stuck, at least in the 1980s. Nevertheless the hardcore thrash metal fans hated the song. Little did they know back then, that it was a Metallica-like song, that didn't necessarily conform to others conventional wisdom of what "heavy" had to be.

All the 21 polls indicate that "Fade to Black" is a fan-favorite - almost always placing it in the top five.

4) How about Load, Reload and St. Anger albums?
Well, nothing much to say here, because barely any will from these three albums will be performed live. Only exception is "Fuel."

For what it's worth, "St. Anger" managed to crawl into the chosen songs in five concerts, three of them being in Germany! Germans really like songs about anger I suppose.

5) How about the Death Magnetic album?
Some critics say Death Magnetic marked Metallica's return to their trash metal roots - and I agree with that, but the album performed very poorly on all the polls. "Cyanide" and "All Nightmare Long," two of which the band had hoped would be setlist fixtures, were not in the top 17. "The Day That Never Comes" on the other hand, much like St. Anger, somehow managed to muscle its way to the setlist, but only in handful of countries.

6) Other cool stuff:
- "Whiskey in the Jar" will performed at handful of concerts
- "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" will be performed in Helsinki, Finland.

I'll be continuously updating this post as we get closer to the start of the concerts.

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  1. Metallica will be playing muscle memory setlists voted by the fans, only Helsinki was smart enough to put it in the list to challenge the band. I guess the band could have wished to see a more varied selection, but due to popular vote, it is for what it is.


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