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Song Meaning: Amazing by Aerosmith

amazing is the fifth single from aerosmith get a grip album
Amazing is the 5th single from Aerosmith's Get a Grip
The blues-rock band of Boston released their 11th album, Get a Grip, in 1993 consisting of many hits. The album indicated a dramatic departure from their hard rock material in favor of more radio-friendly pop-rock. Nevertheless,I believe the album is a success, so is the underrated single, "Amazing."

The song was the 5th single from the album. Although it didn't have quite an impact as the previous ones, I believe this song deserves way more recognition, and quite frankly, more respect. Yes, this is one my favorite Aerosmith songs and I'm being bias. However, the indisputable  fact is, "Amazing" has in-depth lyrics, good rhythm, and great vocals by the front-man, Steve Tyler.

The song outlines a person reflect on his past adversities and triumphs. It is arguable that Tyler put forth some of his personal experiences into lyrics, such as the ugly breakups Aerosmith went through. Joe Perry, the lead guitarist, formed his own band called Joe Perry Project, and wrote the song, Let the Music Do the Talking. But Tyler and Perry eventually resolved their differences in the mid 80s. "There were times in my life / When I was going insane,"perfectly culminates such aforementioned experience.

Another interesting aspect of the song is its gradual, progressive buildup expounding someone going through a though time, hitting the rock-bottom, and then eventually finding solutions and moving on. The mid section of the buildup is noted in the lyrics as, "When I lost my grip/And I hit the floor."  The chorus tells the final part, in that of, it "feels good" to overcome adversity: "Its amazing / That when the moment arrives /You know you'll be alright."

The music video, I believe, was a disaster. They could've done much better with a completely different storyline altogether. But it was Aerosmith; they are pretty used to f&%king sh!t u! I really want to know what you think of the song. Let me know if this has affected you life in any shape or form. 

1.                  I kept the right ones out
2.                  And let the wrong ones in
3.                  Had an angel of mercy
4.                  To see me through all my sin
5.                  There were times in my life
6.                  When I was goin insane
7.                  Tryin' to walk through the pain
9.                  When I lost my grip
10.              And I hit the floor
11.              I thought I could leave
12.              But I couldn't get out the door
13.              I was so sick and tired
14.              Of livin' a lie
15.              I was wishin' that I would die
17.              Its amazing
18.              With the blink of an eye
19.              I finally saw the light
20.              Its amazing
21.              That when the moment arrives
22.              You know you'll be alright
23.              Its amazing
24.              And I'm sayin' a prayer
25.              For the desperate hearts tonight
27.              That one last shots a permanent vacation
28.              And how high can you fly with broken wings
29.              Lifes a journey not a destination
30.              And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings
32.              You have to learn to crawl
33.              Before you learn to walk
34.              But I just couldn't listen
35.              To all that rightous talk
36.              I was out on the street
37.              Tryin'a survive
38.              Scratchen to stay alive
40.              Its amazing
41.              With the blink of an eye
42.              I finally saw the light
43.              Its amazing
44.              That when the moment arrives
45.              You know you'll be alright
46.              Its amazing
47.              And I'm sayin' a prayer
48.              For the desperate hearts tonight

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  1. I really liked this song a lot when it came out and listened to it over the years and sang it every time i heard it in the car. I always heard the lyrics but never actually took the time to understand them. And that was a big part of my problem for a long time.... i listened but never truly listened. It wasn't until i was a year sober when i heard the song again and was like.... HOLY SHIT!! THIS IS MY LIFE OF DRINKING! So i jammed it and LISTENED to it about 10xs. Funny how some things happen like that. Then i finally looked into what the song meant and figured out that it was really about the stuggle of addiction and finally getting past it. Anyway great song just thought i would share that

  2. The song amazing is directly about drug addiction and recovery. The band aerosmith is knowledgeable in the subject. " in the blink of an eye u finally see the light " that statement alone describes the first moment of clarity after addiction.


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