Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rock N' Roll Thoughts on Federer's Swiss Open Exit

In case any of you didn't know this already, I also love watching tennis besides doing my rock n' roll thing. It's a free world, and you can enjoy what you like except for... Bieber s&%t!

So today I was pretty sad/surprised to see Roger Federer exist Swiss Open so early; he lost the very first game he played. It's well known that Roger has been playing with some back issues recently so it definitely has put a serious dent on his game. As a tennis fan, it's hard to watch the Swiss Maestro struggling to play good tennis given that he's the same guy who won five straight Wimbledon Championships and US Open titles -- something nobody has done in the past, and probably nobody will.

After reading an article on Bleacher Report on Fed's loss I had this to comment:
What I don't understand is why Federer continued to play even when he knew he wasn't 100%. I mean Nadal only plays if he's well fit. IF nadal was fed, he would've only taken 7 weeks off, not 7 months.

Federer did get a break after IW and probably recovered, but definitely not fully. It probably resurfaced once he started playing again. Yes, he has dropped his form with age -- he's not the same guy who was SO used to winning 3 slams a year. But this back issues makes his game even worse.

I really enjoy watching Feder even though I'm somewhat of a Djoker fan. But I don't want to see a mere shadow of Fed showing up at US Open. If he doesn't show up I don't know if it's possible have an US Open, maybe USO should be postponed until Fed gets better. It just not right have it without the person who won it 5 straight times.
Quick rock n' roll trivia on Roger Federer: 
  • Apparently Fed's a big fan of AC/DC - the Australian hard rock band. He visited them in 2004 before the Australian Open, I believe. 
Federer the AC/DC fan. Rock N' Roll Thoughts on Federer's Swiss Open Exit
Federer the AC/DC fan
  • Fed was occasionally seen playing the air guitar during change-overs earlier in his career, when he still had a high temper :-)

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