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Song Facts & Meaning: Back In Black by AC/DC

Title track of AC/DC 8th studio album,
Title track of AC/DC's best selling album is a tribute to late Bon Scott. Brian Johnson was brought into the band as the new front-man following Scott's tragedy. Although there were thoughts of abandoning the band as a result of their former front-man's death, Angus and Malcolm Young were determined to come back stronger than ever. "Back in Black", and the Album as well, is very indicative their come back journey.

In an interview with Mojo magazine, Brain Johnson described the writing process of the song as follows: "they said, 'it can't be morbid – it has to be for Bon and it has to be a celebration.'I thought, 'Well no pressure there, then' (laughs). I just wrote what came into my head, which at the time seemed like mumbo, jumbo. 'Nine lives. Cats eyes. Abusing every one of them and running wild.' The boys got it though. They saw Bon's life in that lyric."

In fact, in the final version of the song, Brian Johnson keep saying, "I'm back, well I'm back," making an obvious connection to Bon Scott.

The song was an integral past of propelling the album into commercial and critical acclamation. In fact, Back in Black has sold in excess of 50 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best selling albums in the history of music, only second to Micheal Jackson's Thriller. It was, and still is, a hot magnet on rock and classic rock radio. After 30 years later, you can still see many previous generations of rock n' roll fans headbanging to the infamous guitar riff.

  1. back in black I hit the sack
  2. I been too long I’m glad to be back
  3. yes I am
  4. let loose from the noose
  5. that's kept me hanging about
  6. I keep looking at the sky cause it's gettin' me high
  7. forget the hearse cause I’ll never die
  8. I got nine lives cat's eyes
  9. using every one of them and runnin' wild
  10. cause I’m back
  11. yes I’m back well I’m back
  12. yes I’m back
  13. well I’m back back
  14. well I’m back in black
  15. yes I’m back in black
  16. back in the back of a Cadillac
  17. number one with a bullet I’m a power pack
  18. yes I am
  19. in a bang with the gang
  20. they gotta catch me if they want me to hang
  21. cause I’m back on the track and I’m beatin' the flack
  22. nobody's gonna get me on another rap
  23. so look at me now I’m just makin' my play
  24. don't try to push your luck just get out of my way
  25. cause I’m back
  26. yes I’m back
  27. well I’m back
  28. yes I’m back
  29. well I’m back back
  30. well I’m back in black
  31. yes I’m back in black

  32. well I’m back yes I’m back
  33. well I’m back yes I’m back
  34. well I’m back back
  35. well I’m back in black
  36. yes I’m back in black

  37. well I’m back back
  38. well I’m back back
  39. back back
  40. back in black
  41. yes I’m back in black

  42. outta sight

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