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Song Meaning: Mindfreak by Criss Angel

Song Meaning: Mindfreak by Criss Angel
Mindfreak is the soundtrack used in Criss Angel's Mindfreak TV show, at least in the first few seasons when I used to watch it. I stopped watching it later on but I don't know why; I guess I got bored. Nonetheless, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, Midfreak was/is a TV show where Criss performs street magic, illusions and tricks.

Before I get any further, let me say something about magic itself. A magician is a person who creates illusions of an act that, in fact, is not real. So for instance, when he levitates, he doesn't actually levitate; he just creates the illusion of it. It's like wrestling - the moves and outcome of a match are predetermined well in advance. Criss actually mentions this in the lyrics, which I'll soon analyze.

Criss Angel is not known as a rock star, but after doing some Googling I found out that he has released several material prior to the start of his hit TV show, and this track is a part of that. If you thought he sounds too good for a magician, now you know the reason. Music was his part-time job.
Analysis of lyrics: 

Almost every line of the song has some meaning attached to it, which is think it pretty interesting because he could've made a soundtrack with just instrumentals.

These powers bleed your tears3 - I think he refers to the fact that after seeing his crazy stunts, fans have tears in their eyes. Most of his stunts are hard to watch, even though they are illusions, because if something goes wrong, he could easily be dead!

You talk they scold your name4 - I don't know what this means. Perhaps you can help me out?

I'm staring down your fears5 -he does stuff that we dare to even dream about.

There's pleasure in this pain6 - for Criss some illusions are painful, of course. Not just physical pain, but mental pain as well knowing sometimes he'd be inches away from death. But the feeling of pulling of a hard stunt is absolutely pleasurable.

#8 to #11 - after seeing Mindfreak on TV, his illusions don't just immediately escape our mind; they just "scream" inside for sometime.

I've got to touch your mind / I hypnotise13 - similar to lines 8 to 11.

There's no reality/ Just this world of illusion19 - Criss is saying magic is not real,but the illusions are very real. I already talked about this before.

My ego pushes you31 - this should really read "My ego pushes me" to do crazy sh@t

I see the truth inside34 - this is an interesting line. "Truth" could be interpreted as money. If that's the case, he's saying there's a lot of money to made in showbiz.

Don't think it's killing you36 - "it's" is referred to "truth" in the previous line ( line 34 )

You are the voice you hear38 - after seeing his tricks, you keep asking and answering questions on how he does what he does.

  1. Are you ready?

  2. These powers bleed your tears
  3. You talk they scold your name
  4. I'm staring down your fears
  5. There's pleasure in this pain

  6. Don't think you are alone
  7. 'Cause soon I think you'll find
  8. I am the voice you hear
  9. Screaming inside your mind

  10. I've got to touch your mind
  11. I hypnotise

  12. I am the mindfreak
  13. Mindfreak
  14. There's no reality
  15. Just this world of illusion
  16. That keeps on haunting me

  17. I am the mindfreak
  18. Mindfreak
  19. I am the mindfreak
  20. Mindfreak
  21. I am the mindfreak
  22. Mindfreak
  23. I am the mindfreak
  24. Mindfreak

  25. My ego pushes you
  26. It's never satisfied
  27. My will is cutting through
  28. I see the truth inside

  29. Don't think it's killing you
  30. 'Cause soon I think you'll find
  31. You are the voice you hear
  32. Screaming inside your mind

  33. I've got to touch your mind
  34. I hypnotise

  35. I am the mindfreak
  36. Mindfreak
  37. There's no reality
  38. Just this world of illusion
  39. That keeps on haunting me

  40. I am the mindfreak
  41. Mindfreak
  42. I am the mindfreak
  43. Mindfreak
  44. I am the mindfreak
  45. Mindfreak
  46. I am the mindfreak

  47. I've got to touch your mind
  48. I hypnotise
  49. Are you ready?

  50. I am the mindfreak
  51. Mindfreak
  52. There's no reality
  53. Just this world of illusion
  54. That keeps on haunting me

  55. I am the mindfreak
  56. Mindfreak
  57. I am the mindfreak
  58. Mindfreak
  59. I am the mindfreak
  60. Mindfreak
  61. I am the mindfreak
  62. Mindfreak
  63. Mindfreak
  64. Mindfreak
  65. Mindfreak

  66. Are you ready?

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