Saturday, July 13, 2013

Songs That Need YOUR Help

I just finished doing analysis on "Smells Like Teen Spirit." As I was doing it, I realized how much I don't know about some aspects of the song. So I'm opening up my blog you guys - rock n' roll fans - to add further improvements to any part of a song, or other kind of writings I on this blog, that you might find missing some important pieces of information.

It doesn't matter how small your addition is, because they all add up, and eventually improve the overall quality and depth of the article.

I'll soon compile a list of articles that need some serious editing - meaning I was kindda on the dark side of the moon when I wrote those :-). But, in general, you can suggest improvements to pretty much any post on the blog by simply making a comment below each.

uncle sam and myself need your help to improve rock n' roll songs
UPDATE: 25/072013 --

Hello boys and girls, I'm back as promised. As for compiling a list of song that need editing and improving... that's still in the works. But I did do one important thing: I added two types of icon at the top-right corner of some articles. You'll only see one the two at a time.

Articles with this icon lacks depth and there's a lot more room for improve. So it's your chance to showcase your knowledge and improve the quality of the article. All you have do is simply make a comment in the comments section below the post.

Articles with this icon are generally considered to be good and informative. But you can still suggest any improvements if you know more about the stuff discussed in it.

Now some articles are missing either of these two. That probably means I still have to through them first and make a decision as to which one to add. I'm quite sure all necessary posts will have an icon in the foreseeable future.

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