Sunday, August 4, 2013

FIVE Reasons Why Axl Rose Should Retire

It's undeniable that Axl Rose is one of the best rockers of all time... but that's all on yesterday. He single-handedly screwed Guns N' Roses, and since then he's been doing his one-man show with a bunch of his high school buddies. Now the dude is well beyond is prime and time has come for him to hang up his boots.

5. Not in shape - guy is fat and doesn't put put enough effort into music anymore. Look at other rockers around his age: James Hetfield, Slash, Flea, etc... Even old Angus Young is still in shape.

Welcome to the bakery, we got cakes and cookies
4. Losing creative juice - since Slash left Guns N' Roses, it took Axl 14 years to release the band's next album, and that wasn't even close to the material of old G'N'R. When Slash left the band, that was the end of GNR; now it's just a solo project of Axl Rose. In fact the current lineup should really be called, "Axl Rose Project," like Joe Perry used to call his band when he temporarily departed Aerosmith

3. Stuck in old anger management issues - well, this one had to be included on this list, and shouldn't be a surprise to old GN'R fans.

2. Disastrous live shows - part of the reason why GN'R doesn't put good live shows anymore is Axl doesn't care anymore, and not to mention the fact that he never shows up to them in time. If you think otherwise watch their 2011 Rock in Rio performance -- it was a complete disaster.

1. Losing hard rock voice - only a few hard rockers have been fortunate enough to either protect their voice as they age or adapt and change it accordingly overtime while still being able to sing old songs just as good. Bruce Dickinson and Brian Johnson are two that still sound good, but Axl Rose has miserably failed at this; he sounds like a mickeymouse on their lastest album.

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