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Hi I'm David Thomson - an avid Rock N' Roll fan. I've been listening to Rock, hard rock and heavy metal for a better part of my life. My favorite bands/musicians are ( may be in order of most liked to least, I dunno; it depends on the day ☺) : Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bon Jovi, Green Day, and many many more.

When I first created this blog, I thought I was going to only write about the themes hidden in songs, because most hard rock/rock n' roll songs have a deeper meaning that we conveniently ignore. We get so wrapped up in melodies, riffs and solos, but never take enough time to focus on the message. The reason why I say this is because since the 60's ( Beatles' era ) the band had much of the creative saying, meaning the song-writing was done within the band - giving the artist much room for his/her own creative saying. The best example is, none other than, Elvis. Elvis ruled the 50's, but didn't write a single song. The studio managers had song writers to do that for Elvis. This was due to something known as division of labor. It may be a little known fact that Elvis was the only Rock N Roll artist who had a major label, but it was surely no coincident, because major labels wanted artists who coincide with their policy of division of labor.

So as I was considering all this, I thought I should expand this blog beyond just the songs. I thought I should talk about the history of rock music, how bands were formed, background on some key artists/bands, the difference between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, and evolution of rock itself.  But for now I''ll stick to exploring the meanings of songs. As I said, many rock songs are wrapped around in depth themes, much more than the fun things - you know: sex, drugs and rock n' roll :-). Stairway to Heaven is probably the best example. It's hard to put this song into words! It's the most frequently request song in the 70's; not surprising, given that Led Zeppelin was the band of the decade. I shall embark on a journey to break this song down, but not right now, of course. Being a HUGE Metallica fan, songs like Fade to Black, Unforgiven part I, part II and part III also come to mind.

When I write about song means, I'll probably have the lyrics right beside my own interpretation of the song. I also would like to see you own take on the songs I post on the blog. So please feel free to leave comments suggesting what you think of the song, and if it affected your personal life in way. In the future I might further expand the blog to popular music of today, but that's very unlikely. Can you guess why?


  1. Hey David, I found you while researching a bot problem. Since I am rather fond of music (I get ear worms stuck in my head soooo easily) I thought I would follow.

    If we are going to be pestered by spam bots then the least we can do is make the most of it and make new internet friends. Right?

    Please leave today's music for the trash bin it belongs in. :)

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